Our Team

Dave Curry


Dave is a successful entrepreneur having founded, taken public, and successfully exited three companies. Dave has over 30 years of combined telecommunications and energy software industry experience. Dave is currently Chairman of NextWatts and CarbonQuest, clean energy technology companies. Prior to starting NextWatts in 2015, he was co-founder (2008) and CEO of Demand Energy Networks, an energy software control systems company which was acquired by Enel, a global energy company in 2017. From 2001 to 2008 Dave was President and CEO of World Wide Packets, a point-to-point ethernet switch vendor whose customers included Comcast, Clearwire and AT&T. World Wide Packets was acquired by Ciena in 2006.

Before World Wide Packets, Dave co-founded Architel, a telecom OSS vendor to Verizon, Cable & Wireless, British Telecom, NYNEX and GTE that was take public in 1998 and subsequently acquired by Nortel in 2000. In 1996, Dave was selected Canadian Entrepreneur on the Year for his leadership at Architel. Now, as he has started CarbonQuest, he is proud to be leading the Quest for Decarbonization involving carbon removal. 

Shane Johnson

President and Chief Executive Officer

Shane Johnson is a successful entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in the energy and telecommunications industries. Shane has provided leadership for building and successfully exiting two startup companies over the last 20 years. Shane is currently the President and CEO of CarbonQuest, a clean tech company focused on decarbonization solutions led by its innovative distributed carbon capture technology.

Prior to CarbonQuest, Shane was a co-founder of Demand Energy Networks, a pioneer of distributed energy storage, management and optimization. Shane’s leadership helped establish its energy storage technology from 2010-2020, through its acquisition by Enel in 2017, into a durable market leadership position worldwide. From 2000-2010 Shane was part of the leadership team building World Wide Packets, a gigabit ethernet fiber optic broadband pioneer, through its successful exit and integration into Ciena in 2008. Shane’s career started in Douglas PUD where he pioneered optical ethernet for utility controls and communications helping construct one of the world’s first optical gigabit ethernet community open access networks. All of Shane’s innovations are still operating as a key business component of the acquiring companies to this day

Brian Asparro

Chief Operating Officer

Brian has a passion for starting and developing companies at the intersection of clean energy, finance and technology.  Currently, he is the Chief Operating Officer of CarbonQuest responsible for leading the growth for the company – strategy, sales, marketing and finance. Prior to CarbonQuest, Brian held several roles for Enel X, including leading global product development for energy products – microgrids, solar + storage. Brian led the team responsible for developing the largest energy storage project in New York City with one of the country’s largest real estate developers.  Prior to this role Brian was Chief Commercial Officer and led the team responsible for sales, marketing, channel partnerships and market development at Demand Energy, an energy storage developer. He led the company through its acquisition by Enel and has a proven track record of growing and funding conceptual stage ideas into developed revenue and profit generating operations.

Brian was a founding member and served as Chief Financial Officer for Green Charge Networks (GCN) from 2010 to 2014 where he developed, staffed, and financed operations for the distributed energy/battery storage application company (acquired by ENGIE in 2016). This included leading the $56m corporate investment by K Road Power as well developing the Power Efficiency Agreement (PEA) structure.

Earlier in his career, he helped grow several businesses including growing the Professional Services business for Moody’s Analytics in Asia from the ground up. He holds an MBA from Kellogg School of Management at Northwestern University and Finance and Marketing degree from Fairfield University.

William Fuglevand

Chief Technology Officer

William Fuglevand is the original architect of CarbonQuest technology. He is a registered Professional Engineer with a record of experience which includes 30 years in the Electric Power and Natural Gas Industry followed by 15 years in Alternative and Renewable Energy Technologies primarily in Hydrogen Fuel Cells, Fuel Processing, and Energy Storage Systems.

Mr. Fuglevand is founder of Avista Labs a 1997 startup PEM fuel cell R&D company which later became ReliOn Inc. and was ultimately  acquired in 2014 by Plug Power. ReliOn fuel cell technology is now featured in Plug Power’s air cooled fuel cell generator products for Material Handling Systems sold worldwide.

Mr. Fuglevand is named inventor on 22 US patents and one Provisional for a novel battery system. He is an active 28 year Member of the American Chemical Society. Mr. Fuglevand is a retired USAF officer with 22 years service in Military Power Systems design / operations, with leadership roles in Civil Engineering Global Mission Readiness.

Anna Pavlova

Vice President, Strategy & Market Development

Anna brings over twenty years of experience bridging climate and energy policy with market and sustainability strategies for global corporations. As Vice President, Strategy & Market Development Anna leads the identification of growth opportunities and market development strategies for the company.

Most recently, Anna advised Fortune 100 companies on sustainability, energy transition, and using digital solutions to achieve carbon transparency at an energy and climate consulting firm COEFFICIENT and co-hosted the Digital Climate Alliance. In prior roles, Anna ran Government Relations at Schneider Electric, leading a team of federal and state government and industry liaisons. She built coalitions, and developed federal and state policy and programs focused on building decarbonization and innovative finance at Johnson Controls. In the first half of her career she represented associations and foundations in Washington, DC on trade and energy policy. Anna is a graduate of the Georgetown School of Foreign Service.

Doug Staker

Vice President, Business Development

Doug is an energy professional that has worked globally for 30 years. He has been a pioneer in the world of smart grid technologies with a focus on smart metering and intelligent energystorage. He is  currently Vice President of Business Development at CarbonQuest and is focused on technology that can increase decarbonization now. Prior to joining CarbonQuest, Stake was Vice President of Utility Business Development for Enel X, a global power company. Enel X acquired Demand Energy, in 2017, where Stake was a cofounder and a pioneer in distributed energy storage systems. Prior to Demand Energy, Stake was a Vice President in various roles at Itron, a global leader in smart metering. Stake is applying his experience in developing new markets for emerging technologies
that can have impact today. He is a third-generation power engineer who grew up in the energy industry. Stake is an active industry participant and his ability to explain complex technology into understandable terms has resulted in groups requesting his contribution in frequent speaking events and industry panels.

Ted Volberding

Vice President, Operations

Ted is an experienced, collaborative leader and engineer in the multiple industries, with a proven ability to successfully manage projects, employees, and operations in a technically dynamic and worldwide environment, with a solid understanding of the legal and financial responsibilities of management.

With 40 years of collaborative leadership and engineering in multiple industries (telecom, medical, industrial, test & measurement,energy storage and decarbonization),Ted has managed projects, employees, and operations in a technically dynamic and worldwide environment. Ted has responsibilities for Supply Chain, Logistics, Finance (Controller), and Quality Assurance for CarbonQuest. Ted has 4 patents on advanced lead acid batteries and another on thermal measurement, and is co-inventor on the carbon capture patents pending. 

Ken Byrd

Vice President, Electrical Projects

Ken brings over 30 years of engineering management, marketing and sales experience providing large scale product solutions to power utility and telecommunications companies around the world. 

Ken joined NextWatts in 2015 as a member of the start up management team and remains as part of the CarbonQuest team. Prior to joining NextWatts, Ken worked with Demand Energy Networks as Director of Sales. 

Over the course of his career, Ken has also worked with Itron, Architel Systems, Nortel Networks, World Wide Packets and has repeated tenure as a key member of the management team guiding start up and early stage organizations through significant growth periods which ultimately achieved market leadership.

Allan Coxon

Systems Engineer

Allan is a licensed professional engineer with experience working with several high tech startups in the Spokane area for over 20 years. Allan brings the broad range of skill sets and experience needed during the early incubation activities of a newly formed technically oriented company. Allan also brings project engineering and management experience from past projects involving first-of-its-kind real world installations and commissioning. 

Allan’s focus is currently on control algorithm development and system integration, incorporating overall system operation and telemetry into the building management envelope and data mining key elements that provide the tools to understand and improve system efficiency. Allan’s passion for solving currently unanswered technical issues that surround the bigger environmental problems we face as a society blend well with the culture and goals of CarbonQuest.

David Jacobi

Director, Project Engineering and Construction

David is an experienced problem solver and proactive leader with over 20 years of experience in Construction Management, Engineering, and Design with a diverse focus in the Industrial, Commercial, Retail, and Residential sectors. David is currently the Director of Project Engineering and Construction for CarbonQuest leading the installation and commissioning of CarbonQuest’s carbon capture technology in buildings throughout New York City.

Before joining CarbonQuest, David was a Senior Manager with major construction firms in the New York City area. David also has extensive MEP (Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing) design and consulting experience. David has experience as team leader at the Arizona Industrial Assessment Center, conducting energy efficiency audits throughout Arizona and Nevada. David is a registered professional engineer licensed in New York State.

Don Gongaware

Vice President, Engineering

Don is a leading expert in natural gas processing which includes advancing gas purification and liquefaction processes. He developed and led teams that engineered, manufactured, installed, and operated multiple plants including biogas, landfill, stranded wells, and pipelines. He improved plant designs to achieve lower cost, faster installation, and start up than the industry average. Don led the design and development of QuestAir (Xebec Adsorption) gas purification technology which is an underlying benefit to carbon capture. He has led teams globally to include Asia, South America, Europe, and the Middle East. 

As Vice President of Engineering, Don leads the engineering and scaling of CarbonQuest’s decarbonization technologies, including the company’s unique carbon capture solution. Don brings over 30 years of experience in the design, fabrication, installation and operations of Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) and gas purification projects across the value chain as well as extensive start-up experience. Don is focusing on system engineering, product improvement, cost reductions, project execution and operations to improve client experience.

A West Point graduate and US Army retiree, he also holds advanced degrees in engineering and business administration.

Albert White


Albert is a recent graduate from Gonzaga University, BS in Mechanical Engineering, who is excited to be at the forefront of the next generation of renewable energy. With his combined passion for fluid systems, developing new test systems, and saving the planet, Albert is currently working on the research & development aspects of the carbon capture system.

At university, Albert's senior design team successfully developed an operational rocket test stand for Gonzaga's mechanical engineering department. This stand will serve as a way for the program to give students hands-on experience with rocket science. Albert also recently received his Engineer-In-Training license.

During his free time, Albert enjoys skiing in the winters and backpacking and mountain biking in the summers.

Jacey Johnson

Marketing Intern

Jacey is an aspiring entrepreneur, photographer, digital and graphic design artist. Jacey strives to empower people through a variety of different mediums. She is currently a marketing intern as well as running an adventure photography business.

As a current student, Jacey is involved in classes in these fields including photography, entrepreneurship, digital media design, digital media storytelling, graphic design, as well as working towards her undergrad in Psychology. Throughout her schooling she has been given many opportunities to grow through being a collegiate athlete, to being invited to join a media film crew this January at the Super Bowl 54.

Amidst these, Jacey is an outdoor enthusiast, who loves to capture natural beauty, and she hopes that she will travel the world to do so.