CarbonQuest is working on a project to install onsite carbon capture at a multifamily property known as the Grand Tier. It is located in New York City with a well-respected property developer. Within this project, it is expected to cut 60-70% of CO2 emissions from natural gas usage. The design is to meet the client’s sustainability goals with cost effective solutions. This includes providing carbon reductions and carbon removal economically, while at the same time addressing evolving emissions regulations.

Multi-Family Buildings

The Grand Tier Project

Mixed residential, commercial and retail building.

1930 Broadway, New York City

  • 377,564 square feet building with 229 apartments
  • Total annual consumption:
    ~ 251,336 therms creating 1,333 metric tons CO2
    ~ 5,466,564 kWh creating 1,580 metric tons CO2
  • Estimated Local Law 97 penalties:
    2024 – 2029: ~ $97,630 annually
    2030 – 2034: ~ $368,812 annually
  • The project is estimated to reduce annual building CO2 emissions by 25%
  • Located in the parking garage covering approximately three parking spaces

In addition to multi-family properties, our carbon capture solution can be applied to other buildings types as well.

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