Our Solution

Our Solution


New York City's Climate Mobilization Act (including Local Law 97) was passed in 2019 in order to reduce emissions from buildings starting in 2024. The law targets 60,000 buildings larger than 25,000 square feet.

The two main components of CO2 emissions that the law calculates for  buildings 1) electricity consumption 2) natural gas/oil/steam usage for heating. The electricity reduction path is fairly well known. The path for reducing CO2 emissions from natural gas however is challenging, especially in the short term.

Carbon capture is an option today to reduce carbon emissions from natural gas usage.

Today we CAN make a change

CarbonQuest has developed a patent pending process to perform carbon capture in buildings which in the process of carbon removal, will reduce CO2 emissions.

CarbonQuest Uses a 4-Step Carbon Capture Process

Our Impact

System Highlights:

  •  Economical: Low CAPEX and OPEX continuous unattended operations.
  • Safe:  100% non-flammable with NFPA rating of 3-0-0 (health, flammability, reactivity). 
  •  Modular:  Sized to building size and thermal load. 
  •  Measurable:  Full system monitoring and control of all processes including volume and purity of captured CO2. 

CO2 Applications

  • Manufacturing of green concrete
  • Waste Water Treatment
  • Others