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Welcoming Governor Inslee, Mayor Brown and Senator Nguyen to our Spokane Carbon Capture Manufacturing Plant

Governor Inslee, Mayor Brown and Senator Nguyen visit our carbon capture manufacturing plant in Spokane

We were honored recently to discuss the climate benefits of our carbon capture solution with government officials who are at the forefront of the net-zero transition: Governor Jay Inslee, Mayor of the City of Spokane Lisa J. Brown and State Senator Joseph Nguyen. The elected officials came to our Spokane manufacturing headquarters on June 21 to see with their own eyes how our carbon capture technology works and to discuss how to scale solutions like ours across the state and the broader Pacific Northwest (PNW) for emitters that may not have other alternatives to decarbonize.

In the conversation, CarbonQuest CEO Shane Johnson highlighted how our distributed carbon capture™  technology can be deployed at “hard-to-abate” facilities such as campus settings, some industrials, utility and waste infrastructure, and data centers, to provide immediate emission reductions. We share a belief with global and local leaders that we should deploy all available solutions to reduce and eliminate planet-warming emissions, and that carbon capture is a necessary part of such solutions. We strongly support the Climate Commitment Act to ensure Washington remains a leader in the fight against climate change. Additionally, we are excited about the specific benefits of carbon capture, including the growth of the circular CO2 economy in Washington and the PNW, and the advantages it provides to off-takers in concrete production, sustainable aviation fuel, plastics, sequestration and more.

Eastern Washington leaders agree.

Mayor Brown said,  “CarbonQuest is at the forefront of carbon sequestration technology and is leading the charge in innovative climate solutions. This work is critical in achieving our climate goals and it is exciting to see such groundbreaking efforts happening right here in the Spokane region.”

The Governor and other officials were very engaged in the discussions, taking videos, and expressing excitement at the progress that we have made since we started in 2019. We are looking forward to generating more partnerships in the state as we scale, and working with the state government to ensure meaningful CO2 reductions in the long term.